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Labor Productivity Terms

Account – A record or identification scheme used to categorize information about a specific work item or activity. An account represents a discrete part or category of the work to be performed. For example, an account may contain the man-hours used in the erection of formwork for elevated slabs.

Control Account – A control account consists of a grouping of related accounts or activities where each account contains a unique degree of difficulty or level of effort required. For example, the accounts for wall, and slab formwork may be grouped into a single control account titled formwork.

Construction Cost Control Budget – The base estimate of man-hours, quantities, and productivity for an activity or account, the control budget is used for comparative purposes to evaluate performance.

Earned Value – This technique is used for calculating the percent complete of a control account. It uses a weighted average approach in which the weight assigned to each individual account in the control account is based on the initial man-hour estimate for the account compared to the sum of the initial estimated man-hours for all accounts included in the control account.

Forecasting – The process of projecting the total man-hours required to complete an account or activity is called forecasting. Forecasting is a part of performance evaluation.

Performance Evaluation – This process involves the comparison of the actual progress and productivity to the control budget. It includes the comparison of quantity installation rates and man-hour consumption rates.

Performance Factor – A measure of construction efficiency, which equals the planned productivity divided by the actual productivity. This ratio is sometimes called a PF value or a rate ratio. A ratio greater than 1.0 signifies better-than-planned performance.

Productivity – Man-hours required per unit of work, productivity is the input divided by the output, and is usually calculated for a finite time interval. It is also commonly called the Unit Rate.

Productivity Measurement – This process of quantifying the man-hours and quantities associated with an activity or account provides the measurements used in labor productivity calculations and performance evaluations.

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