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The Holloway Consulting Group, LLC is a Construction Consulting firm with offices in Colorado and Louisiana. As illustrated at CONSTRUCTION DESIGN, DELAY AND DAMAGES CLAIMS, one of our primary practice areas is Construction Consulting on matters involving Causation and Damages. This post continues our series on the services we provide to our clients as Construction Consultants on matters associated with craft labor productivity.

Craft Labor Productivity Analysis

Considering the importance of construction labor productivity analysis in both project management and dispute resolution, one would expect to find a large body of well developed and easily accessible information describing how to recognize and quantify construction craft labor productivity problems and offering proven remedies. In reality, relatively little reliable information exists on what causal factors affect (negatively and positively) labor productivity and, perhaps more importantly, by how much. Although generic guidelines have been published by the CII, Business Roundtable and various trade organizations such as NECA and MCAA, the majority of construction experts look to the specific project for the specific factors affecting productivity. These experts focus on the way in which projects are planned, bid, organized, managed and executed. Experts also agree that before labor productivity can be improved, it must be measured.


Holloway Consulting published a series of articles in 2001 on craft labor productivity. The objective of these articles was to outline an approach to labor productivity measurement that can be adopted by general and specialty contractors on residential, commercial and industrial projects. The concepts will be equally applicable to contractors who have a productivity measurement system or who need a simple, inexpensive measurement approach. Holloway’s approach will emphasize measurement for labor-intensive construction activities at the crew level.

These articles are unique in that they will provide a practical on-line guide to measuring construction labor productivity. We believe you will find that they offer a unique and straightforward approach to the measurement topic.


The approach to be described in this series of articles is not restricted to any particular project size or type. The techniques can be applied equally well to lump sum, unit price, time and material, and cost reimbursable contracts, and can be used by owners, general contractors, and specialty contractors.

Attorneys often learn construction labor productivity basics through client representation, but few have a working knowledge of productivity measurement systems implemented in the field. Therefore, construction counsel will find this series to be helpful and informative, particularly future posts dealing with the retrospective analysis of labor productivity in contract disputes.

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