Construction Contract Dispute

This civil construction case involved delays to the design, approval, manufacturing and installation of the Regulating Outlet Slide Gates (ROSG) at the Prado Dam our client supplied to the general contractor under its prime contract with the United States Army Corps of Engineers.

Contractor’s Entitlement – Claims and Disputes

Due the COE’s unpredictable, subjective and overzealous interpretations of the contract requirements, COE caused a 55-week delay to the design of the ROSG by subjecting our client to standards different than required by the contract specifications and by changing the design requirements. .

Holloway’s Expert Analysis

Holloway performed a schedule delay analysis and damages analysis and issued an expert report focusing on the mechanical design process.

Working as the claims consultant, Holloway found that as a result of COE’s actions during the design phase, our client was entitled to be compensated for $1,046,940, and, due to the compensable schedule delays, was also entitled to a 55-week time extension.

Our client achieved a favorable settlement in mediation prior to trial.

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