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✓Whether you’re looking for construction consultation or an expert witness, we invite you to review our qualifications.
✓Our expert personnel have an average of 40-years of construction industry experience.
✓No firm has more construction industry experience or expertise in technical/causation/damages analysis.


Holloway Consulting provides construction claims consulting and expert witness services to all parties in the construction process, including law firms, public agencies, developers, owners, design professionals, construction managers, general and trade contractors, etc.

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J. Steve Holloway, GC
The Holloway Consulting Group, LLC
10885 W. Beloit Pl.
Lakewood, CO 80227
Tel: 1-303-984-1941


Firm Overview

Benefit from our staff’s 200+ years of construction industry experience.

1. Focused Expertise – Precise, focused expertise in the specific subject matter of your claim. You should not pay an “expert” to learn the fundamentals of the technical issues (design/construction) for which you have retained them.

2. Availability – We understand litigation, discovery, and Rule 16/26 Disclosure deadlines. You are entitled to an expert who is responsive to those deadlines.

3. Interactivity – On-going communication via telephone and meetings enables mutual understanding of facts, issues, and precise objectives while recognizing the risk for potential discovery of any draft work product and privileged communications.

4. Trust – We are committed to independent, neutral, and objective evaluations. We cannot promise the outcome you hope for, but we can promise that you will be prepared with a realistic appraisal of the merits of your position and that of the opposition.

What Type of Claim Do You Have?
1. Schedule Acceleration
2. Cardinal Change
3. Constructive Change
4. Contract Termination
5. Defective and Deficient Contract Documents
6. Schedule Delay
7. Differing Site Conditions
8. Directed Change
9. Implied Warranty
10. Impossibility of Performance
11. Maladministration
12. Owner-Furnished Items
13. Strikes
14. Superior Knowledge
15. Weather
16. Work Suspension

17. ?


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In May 2017, we proudly celebrated our 20th anniversary as an internationally recognized leader in the field of resolving construction disputes under Mr. Holloway’s leadership.

The expertise, experience and credibility of our staff in construction matters is recognized and valued internationally by clients, counsel and triers of fact. Today, we are most often retained as a consultant providing advisory services during a project, or as the expert in matters requiring contract, causation, cost and damages opinions.

The information on our websites was prepared and posted by HCG’s staff, and is informational and marketing related; this information does NOT necessarily represent our expert opinions, particularly on your case or project. No one is authorized to represent any of our information here as our opinions. If you have an interest in obtaining our advice or opinions on a particular project or topic, please call Mr. Holloway at 303-984-1941. Thank you, Staff. 11-16-17